Dreams of Dracula Poster

The Immersive Show

Slip into the tale of Dracula as you never have before!

Step into the dreamtime, the shadow world between sleep, nightmares and ecstasy in the Castle of the Vampire. Join the Salmonari in their secret society of the dark arts and explore a world beyond the borders of your conscious reality of terror, forbidden desires and the ethereal realms of an intangible something that knocks around the twilight limits of your hypnotic dreams.

Be warned! As you interact with the characters in our show you may be physically touched, hypnotized, discover your fate or unlock your own deepest secrets! 

Indulge your Dark Romantic inclinations as you spin a tale with Lord Byron or Percy and Mary Shelly, drink in the intoxicating elixirs of our hosts and become lost in the ritual of the life unending. 

Where will your dreams lead you? 

Friday and Saturday evenings are for only the most elegant guests and black tie attire is required for admittance. For all other immersions into our dreamspace basic black will get you past the velvet ropes. 

“I must have fallen asleep, for, except dreams, I do not remember anything until the morning.” – Mina Harker

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