Shivoo Studios is an award-winning Immersive Experience Creation Company driven by Virtual Explorers dedicated to the pursuit of AR / VR / MR + Motion Capture excellence. We infuse the Web 3.0 / Virtual Reality Space with our fun, groundbreaking, immersive, experiences guided by our leading-edge pros from the entertainment, gaming and future tech industries. Our VR / AR offerings are already being introduced into several markets along with our motion capture space where you can be anyone, placed anywhere in a set running in the Unreal Engine.

Shivoo Studios in collaboration with Never More Immersive has combined forces to bring you the Dreams of Dracula Augmented Reality Experience merged with the Shivoo’s Dracula AR app to transport users into an extended digital AR version of the Live Experience happening at Musica New York City. Shivoo Studios, an award winning XR creative force brings the digital AR experience while Never More Immersive informs the story user that is linked to their Live Theatrical production with Bucket Listers delivering promotion and ticketing management support.

(Portal + Immersive Portrait) DESCRIPTION:

To journey into Dracula’s Chambers, open the Dracula AR app on your iPhone and tap The Portal Option to place an Augmented Reality Portal in your living room, or out in the park, then walk forward and step into Dracula’s Immersive Castle Chamber. Look left, right, up and down. In the darkness you’ll encounter seductive hungry vampires and read through narrated private diary entries (Tap to Purchase tickets to the Dreams of Dracula experience on Bucket Listers) & a special invitation, while you are being watched by the painting on the wall! Step into the legendary Tale of Dracula like never before!

If you get too frightened, turn around and see the window back to the real world!

For a Photo Op with vampires, Tap the “Immersive Portrait” option in the app Home Screen, then place the gothic “AR Archway” anywhere! See Dracula & Lucy beckon and clutch at anyone who stands in the center. Tap “Photo” to capture/save or share the scariest moments while listening to the creatures of the night.

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